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THE CHAMPION IN YOU Every human being is birthed a champion (i.e. greatness) but it is such human being's ability to utilize it,...

The Champion In You


Every human being is birthed a champion (i.e. greatness) but it is such human being's ability to utilize it, that can simply bring it forth. This greatness most times appears to be unimaginable, uncommon, insignificant, direction less, purposeless and useless as most people may regard it. for example, I am a computer science graduate from the University of Abuja F.C.T Nigeria and during my service (NYSC) year, the only thing that occupied my heart/mind was GARRI PACKAGING & SELLING,
now you can see how stupid, ridiculous & laughable this could be as GARRI PACKAGING and SELLING  has no correlation with my discipline (Computer Scien
ce).  Instead of concentrating on computer programming or networking as expected of me, I had to give the greatness (champion) in me a chance and before I could know or think of what next to do, I became the best ENTREPRENEUR in F.C.T Abuja during my service year which further made me a pioneer beneficiary of the National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) and the Bank of Industry(BOI) collaboration for youth empowerment through the NYSC scheme. Today, giving a chance to that greatness in me has made me a CHAMPION in my field(Business) of endeavor because it has taken me to the presidential Villa several times for entrepreneurship programmes, I have had meetings with top government officials like the former Nigerian President (Dr. Ebele Good luck Jonathan),members of the federal executive council's, state governor (former governor of KOGI state),top business men like Alh.Aliko Dagote, Chief  INNOSON of INNOSON vehicles and other captains of industries.  Conclusively, it has won me an Award of Excellence for contributing to the subsector of the Nigerian Economy by the government of President Mohammadu Buhari. Every individual is born a CHAMPION & no matter how stupid it may appear, just put it to practice and the sky will be your starting point.
Mr.Simon Onuche Ocheni(MD/CEO).
(Garri processing and packaging with ground nut, sugar, milk, kulikuli and kilishi (dried & well seasoned beef).
#ABUJA; 21 Road PW, Kubwa, FCT Abuja.#KOGI STATE; Zone 8 behind old federal mortgage bank,Lokoja,KOGI State
Tel  07034431859.
Facebook: Ocheni Simon.
Instagram: wakkisinternational.